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07:34pm 21/02/2011
  This is still active?

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Does anyone even use Live Journal anymore?   
01:56pm 15/07/2007
mood: nostalgic
Yea so I completely forgot about livejournal until I looked through my thousand websites in my favorite folder and it. Been well over 2 years since my last entry.
Perhaps I will use it as my not-so-private diary.

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and by the way...   
06:08pm 13/06/2005
mood: careless
loose lips sink friendships.
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Pity party   
01:10pm 13/06/2005
  Lots actually happened since the last time I posted on this. I saw NIN in Philly.. EXCELLENT show.. probably one of the best I have ever seen. You can tell Trent still has a passion for his music, especially his older songs. I was sick during the show, so i couldn't really jump around and freak out as much as I wanted to. But I certainly made the best out of it.. and will see them live again with full health.
Last weekend I went to Vermont to visit with my dear friend Kerry. It was awesome, but of course, much too short of a visit. VT is an awesome city, people there have a sense of community and everyone is friendly. We would go for a walk and talk to people on their porch. Some old black man listening to Miles Davis was the coolest person I've ever met. I like it so much I plan on moving there soon enough to get away from this place. I got an application at UVM, so if I get it will be one more reason to move to VT. At the end of our trip, we saw MSI at the higher grounds. Kathy and I got right up front, we were a few feet from MSI it was awesome. At the end of the show, Jimmy told me I could "come to our shows anytime, and bring your bitch mother with you," referring to Kerry. I bruised my ribs from jumping and landing on the gate that was holding us back from the stage numerous times. I'm surprised i didnt break anything.
LAst Friday I saw MSI in Buffalo at the Buffalo Icon. The crowd was much larger than the VT show, and the venue was so fucking hot. I felt like I was gonna throw up a few times, so I danced outside and sat down for a few seconds and then danced back in with a feeling of relief written on my face.
I'm going to pick strawberries now, see ya later.

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Mindless Self Indulgence concert.   
12:12pm 13/04/2005
mood: happy
I saw MSI last friday, and I'm going to see them again this friday (hopefully.)
If not, they are still adding tour dates so I will be sure to catch them again.
The concert was great. they played a lot of songs, the only songs they didn't play that I REALLY wanted to hear were "pussy all night" and "step up! ghetto blaster!" It's okay though...because I was kissed by Jimmy Urine. it was very romantic. At the very end of the show, after an hour and a half of the band signing autographs and walking around the venue bull-shitting with fans, we saw eachother as I was leaving the concert, as he was walking in the hallway. I ran up to him and gave him a hug. Then he kissed me, smiled and walked away. At least my first homo-kiss was cool! I've seen **sweet** little girls (until they are drunk and slutty) make out for a $20 bill **they still had to split it** Haha. to redeem myself I'm going to make out with Lyn Z next time, and maybe kiss Kitty on the cheek... she seems too sweet and cute I wouldn't want to destroy that... or maybe I should test my drunk-slut theory? My first group orgy would be with MSI, "that would be hot!" Best break out the chapstick niggkahz! I dont give a fuck if u think u dynamite!

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"I can't exist anymore... until I destroy you"   
10:36am 30/03/2005
mood: crazy
"A smile a day keeps the crazy doctor away." Me
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Some people play golf.. I erode the human soul.   
08:50pm 29/03/2005
  Time for the little bunnies to hop along.
Make way for our next consumer-based holiday.
Which is what?
At work, I learned that MARCH is FROZEN FOOD month.
What kind of money-making bullshit is that?
What's next? EAT MEAT month?
I love word association games.
Fish : school as Crow : murder.
Easter : candy as Money : Bunny.

Fuck you all.
I hope you are devoured by your own shadow.

no LOVE,
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07:28pm 21/03/2005
mood: pessimistic
Loose lips, sink ships
Dennis Hopper
They don't love you anymore

Blood trails, blackmails
Leave the light on
And put a key in the back door

Yeah, they're laughing at you
They're not laughing with you

It's another guilt slip
On my Freudian trip
And I think the joke's on me

Bad seeds, grow weeds
Crispin Glover
I wish you were on my TV

Girl bruise, sad news
On her birthday
Turn the channel and you'll see...

That they're laughing at us
They're not laughing with us
And I think the joke's on me

Just another guilt slip
On my Freudian trip
As we choke on the irony

Yeah, they're laughing at us
They're not laughing with us
And, god damn, the joke's on me

Just another drug slip
On my Pagan field trip
Are you saint or celebrity?

Crispin Glover
Save us all

--there is nothing left to be said--
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Sometimes sunshine does not want to shine on me.   
09:57am 20/03/2005
mood: distressed
I know nothing of happiness and sunshine
But I have been known to part a cloud or three

don't give me shit today.
for mikey is not in the mood to play.
2 stabs and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
What do they know about that?   
11:09am 16/03/2005
mood: confused
beat me up.
beat me down.
mess me up beyond all recognition.
for what it's worth... i'd do it again.
with no consequence i would do it again.
hard up..
so hunt me down.
and once again reclaim the crown.
2 stabs and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
Please note:   
10:14am 27/02/2005
mood: crazy
If the boss pussy doesn't give you any keys,
you better call a cock-smith..
and ask him pretty please.
crucify me
How to be a public menace   
10:08am 27/02/2005
mood: devious
1. push old people down further than they already feel.
2. never thank anyone for anything.
3. spit at police officers. especially on hot days, it'll cool them down.
4. set someone on fire, its a term of endearment.
5. steal things. from stores, from people. when this is done blatantly so a clerk or victim can see you, then and only then do the words thank you exist.
6. smash car windows. do it loudly.
7. anonymously tip off the cops about your friends sexually deviant lifestyle. this works best when they aren't sexual deviants.
8. set yourself on fire, run through your town square/main road, and give people hugs. lots of hugs
1 stab and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
i'll sneak up and hit ya like a fuckin tornado...   
12:10pm 17/02/2005
mood: bouncy
i wanna be
wanna be
wanna be
wanna be
wanna be
wanna be
i get down
i get down with my bad self.
i get down
i get down with my bad self.
i'm gonna sneak up and hit ya like a fuckin' tornado.

2 stabs and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
Plastic bags yo... preserves that old ass freshness.   
09:06pm 11/02/2005
mood: crazy
The sun is ruled by gravity, and the force of my cock.
Anybody got any anti-spermicidal plastic bags yo.. preserves that old ass freshness.
You'll need some napkins,
for when I spitz at you!

crucify me
Someone left the ho ho in the snow   
03:11pm 22/01/2005
mood: still cynical
Ta2dLilBtch: someone left the ho ho in the snow
OooJoYBomBooO: and i dont...
OooJoYBomBooO: think that i can eat it...
OooJoYBomBooO: because it took so long to beat it..
OooJoYBomBooO: and ill never have..
OooJoYBomBooO: that prostitute again.
Ta2dLilBtch: ahahahaha
Ta2dLilBtch: slutty slut
OooJoYBomBooO: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
OooJoYBomBooO: RAVE!
Ta2dLilBtch: i love raving
Ta2dLilBtch: i want alcohol
OooJoYBomBooO: hahaaha
OooJoYBomBooO: we are too cool for school.
Ta2dLilBtch: WAY
OooJoYBomBooO: i mean... like groody to the max.. for sure
Ta2dLilBtch: fer sure fer sure
Ta2dLilBtch: fer sure!
Ta2dLilBtch: totally bitchin
Ta2dLilBtch: BITCH
OooJoYBomBooO: haha
OooJoYBomBooO: oh my god! for sure ... for sure. she's a valley girl.. and there is no cure. VALLEY GIRL.
Ta2dLilBtch: like oh my GAWD
Ta2dLilBtch: i love jebus
Ta2dLilBtch: do you
Ta2dLilBtch: do you LOVE jebus?
OooJoYBomBooO: mmm
OooJoYBomBooO: maybe
OooJoYBomBooO: who is jebus?
Ta2dLilBtch: jesuss
Ta2dLilBtch: ss
OooJoYBomBooO: ahaha
OooJoYBomBooO: what?
OooJoYBomBooO: jesus?
Ta2dLilBtch: yes yes yall
OooJoYBomBooO: no. try me tomorrow. i might be feeling stupid then.
Ta2dLilBtch: then?
Ta2dLilBtch: THEN?
Ta2dLilBtch: hahah i laff at you
OooJoYBomBooO: why doth such a wrank slut laugh at me?\
Ta2dLilBtch: cuz u r a cunt
OooJoYBomBooO: i'll slap you in your face with my cock.. you see
Ta2dLilBtch: cock slap
OooJoYBomBooO: it woulda been funny if on batman and robin
OooJoYBomBooO: when those big words came up on the screen
OooJoYBomBooO: it would been like.
OooJoYBomBooO: ::POW::
OooJoYBomBooO: ::BAM::
Ta2dLilBtch: hahaha
OooJoYBomBooO: ::SLAM::
Ta2dLilBtch: >COCKSLAP<
OooJoYBomBooO: ::COCK SLAP::
Ta2dLilBtch: hahahahahaha
OooJoYBomBooO: exactly
OooJoYBomBooO: you catch on quickly black flower
OooJoYBomBooO: thats gonna be your new name
OooJoYBomBooO: black flower
OooJoYBomBooO: and i will say it in an asian manner
Ta2dLilBtch: haha
Ta2dLilBtch: so itll sound like black power
OooJoYBomBooO: haha
OooJoYBomBooO: very well
Ta2dLilBtch: delovely
Ta2dLilBtch: _____ has hairy asshole, _______ showed me a picture.
OooJoYBomBooO: ewww
OooJoYBomBooO: ahahaha
OooJoYBomBooO: maybe her bush just extends into her ass
Ta2dLilBtch: ____ asshole looked like the front of a pubic area
OooJoYBomBooO: ewwwwwwwww
Ta2dLilBtch: haha
Ta2dLilBtch: its thaaaaat hairy
OooJoYBomBooO: im gonna vomit now
OooJoYBomBooO: and die
Ta2dLilBtch: no dont die
Ta2dLilBtch: i want to kill u first
OooJoYBomBooO: you know the rule... you can't kill something unless you rape it first!!!
Ta2dLilBtch: no i want to wait til afterwards
Ta2dLilBtch: necrosex
OooJoyBombooO: freak bitch. aint nothin but a sneek bitch. freak bitch.

Not really. we hate ravers. ecstasy is stupid. we're not going to kill eachother (unless one of us kills the other first.) i'm not really gonna cock slap emily. but emmy is a valley girl. and we do like psychotica (not donna summers)..yet we hate what we like. may god be with you.

LOVE, (is a battlefield)
1 stab and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
Fucking die   
02:59pm 22/01/2005
mood: cynical
How beautiful... the way things are arranged now.
While my existance becomes your nightmare,
My dream has come true.

Don't tell your mom... that I brought you...(go away)... here.
Now there ain't no going back.

crucify me
When the world is so cruel, weighing you down... i will bury you in my warmest spit.   
11:04am 18/01/2005
mood: crazy
I just wanted to let you know...
whenever you are feeling down, sad, shitty, etc..
you can count on me to kick you in the face,
and further into the hole!
I'm a good friend.
This is as true as your face is blue.
But when you think you're going to die,
just know that I'm going to kill you.
I'm gonna use that as a lyric in a song. a goth song. and in the video there will be a gauntlet. ok.. then maybe it will be a metal song. cause i really want the gauntlet.
well i wish i had more time,
but the price is right is about to come on.
So I'm gonna make like a kangaroo and bounce.

crucify me
sometimes my mind kicks and it forces me to mutilate   
02:18pm 20/10/2004
mood: satisfied

oh you know i've missed you my dearest diary (and bitches.)
i dont have much time to write in here anymore...
too many bitches to please and knees to grease.. know what im sayin'?
i found dehydrated micro marshmallows like the ones in hot cocoa.
NOW to make that old school SMORES cereal.
The one KELLOGG's makes tastes like zebra shit. bleh.
FUCK YOU KELLOGG'S! Fuck you and that corn flakes cock of yours.
There I've said it.. fuck you cock. (fuck, you cock)
MmmmMm.. class in a few hours.. what to do to kill time??? (smiles)
I know what I'm gonna do... but do you know what I'm gonna do?? ("Motherfucker I said it's puff puff give. Why you always fuckin up the rotation.")
Kerry is moving back from VT at the end of this month.
thats good because I actually miss the cunt.

I gotz my Marilyn Manson (s)AINT video today that was banned by his own record label. It was nice to see manson cutting himself again.. made me smile and shed a gothic tear. mwahhahahaha.

okay. i go now. byebye
2 stabs and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
Like a dog returns to its own vomit, I shall return to my own wickedness   
03:05pm 19/06/2004

It has come to my attention that some of you want it. For those who are good.. I shall give it. For those who are naughty... I shall give more. "My pupils are not students. they dilate, but they never learn."

Old MacDonald:

I dont want to fuck your cows anymore. A rather mysterious growth has started on my penis, and is now traveling through my rectum and into my stomach. i guess it must be MAD FUCKING COW DISEASE.
"Old MacDonald had a farm, and I fucked all the animals."

Everyone else:

me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at me eat me at.

(all the children sing)

Time to go to an engagement party. It's in a church basement. :)

1 stab and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me
" I dyed my hair blue and grew some titties " Marilyn Manson   
06:24am 03/04/2004
mood: cracked out motherfuckin bitch
Hello kiddies..

Mr. Gallo cannot be with you at this time and position (in space). I'm feeling rather shitty. been sick since wednesday night, and last night i was actually vomitting mucous. beats me how that is possible, but i was. definitely time to quit smoking cigarettes, going on 48 hours smoke free (well, with some green exceptions.) Strep throat is very shitty, who ever thought some little puss sacks in ones throat could be so fucking sickening. I've dealt with hemorrhoids bigger than these little cum sacks. :) Now i can't even go MUFFin diving. I havent been getting much sleep, so excuse my belligerence. Soon i will run up and down the streets singing good-to-do-nothing christian songs naked, running down old ladies and whacking them in the forehead with my penis. Okay, so what if i'm going to hell.. at least I'll enjoy the trip.. and all you other motherfuckers will be tortured while satan and I have sexual relations. Some say the devil is a hermaphrodite, but i say, bend over Sally! we all have assholes.

"I feel like takin' on the world tonight... i feel like everlasting booty cakes!"

I love you all (sometimes)
4 stabs and left for dead BUT YOU CAN'T KILL ME MOTHERFUCKERS! crucify me